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JUNE 2023 


2020 Litters: 2

2019 Litters: 2

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  • Sullen, shy, fearful, aggressive
  • Sits a lot/low head/cannot stand still for very long
  • Bunny hopping, bouncing, limping
  • High rear, compared to shoulders/arched (roached) or sagging back
  • 90˚ angle of neck into back or has skin rolls over the shoulder
  • Gay curled tail/kinked (bent/broken) tail
  • Long hocks / round large eye
  • Rare/flashy colors or patterns (harder to finish and groom for a novice)
  • Pink pigment (nails, nose, eye rims, footpads), light is not ideal!
  • Repeat breeding of past litter with zero champions
  • Under 16 weeks – increased risk bite will go off or Pes Vars will happen
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Not ideal signs for your first show puppy:

Great for your first show pup:

  • Energetic, friendly, outgoing, fearless
  • Stands proudly and for prolonged periods
  • Moves easily, glides effortlessly
  • Level back (generally; the shoulder to tail area)
  • Neck flows gracefully and gradually into spine
  • Slight or no curl to the tail
  • Short hocks/small almond eye
  • Traditional color (red, black and tan) - easier to finish and groom for a novice
  • Dark eyes and eye rims, black nails, black nose, dark footpads, darker the better!
  • Repeat breeding of past litter produced multiple champions
  • Six-month or older puppy: dental malocclusion, patella issues and pes vars risk reduced

Rabows Dachshunds