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JUNE 2023 


2020 Litters: 2

2019 Litters: 2

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Signs of a Good Breeder:

find a good breeder
  • Breed Club member, Bred with HEART, Breeder of Merit (code of ethics standards) try HERE first!
  • Offers Vet and/or Buyer references
  • Puppies sold after 12 weeks with  2x vax
  • Req's Application, Interview, References
  • Provides health certs on sire/dam/pups
  • Req's contract with  written estimate of charges before you are asked for $$$
  • Breeder has mostly one breed and one or two litters at any time. Females are not bred every cycle or more than 2x in a row.
  • Open to Zoom live video  of the area the dogs and puppies are kept, if not local
  • Rarely asks for extra $$ except overseas  (hard to anticipate expenses)
  • Puppies are advanced, inquisitive and well developed for their age
  • Old dogs at home - sign of longevity and still loved even when no longer productive

Signs of a Bad Breeder:

Rabows Dachshunds

  • No Breed Club membership, or Bred with HEART, or Breeder of Merit
  • Has no Vet or Buyer references
  • Puppies sold under 8 weeks with 0 or 1 vax
  • Asks for deposit or bal before signed contract
  • No health information of the sire/dam
  • ​No interview, questionnaire or application 
  • Breeder has multiple litters at once, different breeds and mostly rare colors / patterns
  • No spay/neuter required (they don't care) or charges extra for "breeding rights" on pets
  • You never get to see the breeders home even if just on Zoom live chat (which  Zoom during covid-19 would be ok)
  • Adds fees for many things day before pick-up
  • Puppies look small / weak for their age
  • Puppies are lethargic, throwing up, hiding under objects or have liquid stools
  • No old dogs in the house (did they die young? disposed of after bred a lot?)