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JUNE 2023 


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Your new puppy, if purchased from the wrong breeder or wrong rescue, could have brucellosis, and it's almost always INCURABLE in dogs and contagious to HUMANS. 

I had NO idea brucellosis was so widespread in dogs until 2020.  What percentage of dogs have brucellosis in the USA?  In non-commercial breeding facilities (hobby breeders) it was around 0.4 to 17%.  In the (non-breeding) pet population it was around 1 to 33%.  These numbers shocked me.  I've never heard of a dog with it and I've been in dogs since 1975.  But hang on to your hats... in commercial breeding facilities, the number was as high as 83% !!  It's so endemic, some kennels fake brucellosis test results by giving high doses of antibiotics, so they seem clear. These are the breeders who dump "spent breeders" into rescue / pounds / auctions and produce many of the pet puppies for sale on the internet, through brokers and pet stores (that are still allowed to sell them).

Brucellosis (brucella canis bacteria) is zoonotic (transferable to humans) - Dogs get brucellosis from bodily secretions, reproductive acts, unpasteurized milk, raw meat (goat, hare, beef, etc) and can be a-symptomatic (not show any signs).   Humans can also get it from unpasteurized milk, occupational hazards (labs, vet, farmers), and from contact with petsSymptoms can be mild to severe - from flu-like symptoms to spontaneous abortions, neurological, life-long debilitating and even cause death in infants.  Infected dogs are rarely cured, so euthanasia is the recommended protocol.

Know your breeder - and decrease your risk..  as we all know from 2020, every little bit helps, every percentage point you knock off your risk/exposure.  Stay safe and get to know your breeder!