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JUNE 2023 


2020 Litters: 2

2019 Litters: 2

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We guarantee a well bred puppy with an oustanding pedigree that is a wonerful representative of the breed standard as set by The Dachshund Club of America

Our Guarantee

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:  Carry on the high standards and superior quality pedigreed dachshunds our forefathers in the breed entrusted to us, with love and dedication.

If you’re anything like us, you have an incredible love and appreciation of  well-bred  and good-looking dachshunds that do what dachshunds are supposed to do like be a big dog in a small body.
If you are looking to add a puppy to your family from  a breeder, please choose one who loves them just as much as you do and has the dogs living in the home as part of the family dynamic.

You should strive for a breeder that health tests and has around 45 years of combined  breeding, showing and owning experience  and health tests as much as possible!

Leave the planning , health testing,  the nerdy stuff like

COI calculations, the genetic diversity challenges &

researching  generations of pedigrees to us, and

simply relax and enjoy your new puppy. 
Never forget you can RESCUE or FOSTER too!


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